Encrypted Bank Security meets the highest standards. 

All bank account information is encrypted, as with any secure online banking transaction. The app has been integrated with the Finicity® database. No donor bank account information is stored on our company server or by the organization receiving the donations.


About our security

The application that runs this fundraising site was developed and integrated with the Finicity® database network of banks and credit card companies.


In order to be approved for integration, and have access to its database of banks and credit card companies, our app underwent a very thorough security screening process by a third-party security firm, “Cigital, Inc.”


About Cigital, Inc.

Cigital, Inc. is the leading software security and quality consulting firm.

Established in1992, Cigital plans and implements initiatives that help organizations ensure their applications are secure and reliable while also improving how they build and deploy software.


Recognized experts apply a combination of proven methodologies, tools and best practices to meet each client’s unique requirements, providing resources and knowledge to deliver value to their businesses.


Cigital has enabled some of the most well-known organizations worldwide in financial services, communications, insurance, online gaming, hospitality, e-commerce, and government, to reduce their mission-critical software business risks.

Cigital’s offices in the UK and Northern Europe broaden its reach and allow it to support Trans-Atlantic clients more completely with European consulting, assessment and training operations.

Cigital’s expert advisor's are recognized leaders in software security and have written the books on software security with such publications as the Web Security Testing Cookbook, Exploiting Online Games, Software Security, and Building Secure Software.