The Kayla Daniels Story

Kayla was a beautiful 11 year old girl who loved to dance (Tap, Jazz, & Ballet). Kayla loved to spend time with her family and LOVED High School Musical. 


On November 24, 2007 Kayla had a very bad nose bleed and we took her to urgent care because her pediatrician was closed. Urgent care said she had a sinus infection and put her on antibiotics.


About two weeks later we had a follow up appointment with her pediatrician, Dr. Sansoterra, and he thought she had a slight case of pneumonia, and put her on amoxicillin. Over the next couple of weeks Kayla just kept getting worse.

On Jan 4, 2008 Kayla went to her pediatrician once again. At that point Kayla was sent to Rainbows Babies and Children's Hospital, in Cleveland, Ohio and was admitted with what was still thought to be pneumonia. Technicians took chest x-rays of Kayla, and just by chance they said, the x-rays caught a part of Kayla's liver, and they saw what appeared to be some type of mass.

On January 5, 2008 doctors came to see us and said they wanted to do a needle biopsy on her liver and a scope of her lungs.

On January 7, 2008 both procedures were done, but when the results came back, both results were inconclusive, and doctors still couldn't tell what was wrong. The doctor said the next step would be to do a wedge surgery on her liver, and then on a later date they would recheck her lungs.

On Jan 11,2008 Kayla had the wedge surgery on her liver. During the conference following the surgery, doctors said that they still didn't know exactly what it was, but at this point they was fairly sure Kayla did not have cancer. What a relief, no cancer, or at least that's what we thought. 

After the surgery Kayla was then sent to ICU as a precaution. While there she was having a hard time breathing and her fever spiked to over 104 degrees.

The following Monday, doctors received the toxicology report and found that Kayla did in fact have cancer, a very rear form of cancer called Embryonic Sarcoma.
(Only about 100 noted cases). 

On Tuesday, Kayla was doing better and was transferred out of intensive care to the oncology floor. Doctors told us they still had to recheck her lungs to see what was going on there, but they still believed that her lung problem was just pneumonia, and not cancer related. 

At this point, we needed time to gather ourselves. Kayla wanted to go home, and I wanted to take her home.

Kayla's breathing still wasn't what would be considered good, but the doctors said she just needed to try harder. The apparent pneumonia was getting the better of her. 
On Jan 17, 2008 her breathing improved  (a little), and with the doctors permission, we took Kayla home with the understanding that she would return to the hospital on Monday Jan 21,2008, and unless her breathing condition improved, she would need to have a lung biopsy. 

On Jan 19, 2008, while at home, her breathing got worse I called the hospital and spoke with the Doctor. I was told to give Kayla a warm shower (steam up the room) and it would help open her lungs and help her to breath. We did as we were told, but instead of getting better, her breathing got worse and Kayla turned pale.

We decided, despite the doctors reassurance's that Kayla was alright, to take her back to the hospital early, two days before her scheduled return. 

While we were getting her ready, dressed, shoes and coat, Kayla went into a seizure.

Kayla asked, "what was happening to me mom", I told her I didn't know, just hold on, we were getting her help.

We called 911, but before help could arrive Kayla passed away in our home. The date was January 19, 2008. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit. (God Bless)


Kimberly Daniels --- (Kayla's mom).

Please watch the video dedicated to "Kayla".

Video created by Tommy Ross, Clear Choice Creative.